Inspiration was taken from belonging to two folios run by the club when I joined many years ago.
We had a print and a slide folio and I benefitted from the comments and experience of others.
Also from UPP, United Photographic Postfolios, a country wide club which I joined later.
See I now see UPP run online and zoom folios as well as the original postal ones and would encourage you to have a look.

After circulating the idea to club last August we set up a monthly folio, now with 9 members.
Every month images are put on dropbox and folio members
post comments on the photos.

At the start of every month we have a zoom meeting to review the last months images. This gives us the chance to have a dialogue about the
images and at times show or demonstrate our thoughts/ideas. We find this a rewarding excercise, expecially less experienced members.

We do not have to limit ourselves to one folio. We can follow the clubs previous folios and
UPP's example and have more than one folio and they do not have to be run in the same

Alternatives might be:-
- You can comment and vote on images or be non voting and comment only.
- You can circulate images for all members to consider and they present their
comments in a zoom meeting. No website needed.
- Folios can be general or specific. e.g monochrome, creative, natural history, etc.
- Closed visibility or open for all to see.
- I'm sure there are other formats....

Please let me know if you are interested in joining our folio group, and if you would like a
specialist folio (email Members can belong to more than one
folio. We encourage our less experienced members and are sure they will benefit from
joining in. Of course Zoom is a recent innovation and is not neccessary and folios have
operated for many years without it.
If a folio circle wants to use zoom meetings can scheduled in the evening to cater for
members who work.