The name of the Club shall be Hanham and Kingswood Photo Club hereinafter referred
to as the Club.

Objectives of the Club
1. To advance proficiency in the art and science of photography.
2. To promote friendship amongst its members.
3. To hold lectures and competitions, give practical demonstrations to inform members of
all aspects of photography, either film or digital.
4. The club and its members respects the rights, dignity and worth of every person, and
will treat everyone equally and believes that everyone has the right to enjoy ph

1. Membership shall be open to anyone showing an interest in the objectives stated above.
2. All persons aged sixteen and over shall be eligible for full membership of the club and
shall be entitled to vote at meetings of the club. However, the club cannot accept any
members under the age of 16 unless accompanied at all times by a responsible adult.
3. After payment of the required subscription (or part thereof) a person shall be a member
of the club and shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound by this constitution.
4. The club will have the power, after due notice to elect as an Honorary member. Any club
member of good standing and worthy of such distinction by reason of their services to the
club. The motion for such election shall be voted on by a show of hands at an Annual
General Meeting. and declared carried if a majority of the members vote in favour.

Managing member conduct
1. The committee has a duty to look into complaints of inappropriate or unacceptable
behaviour by a member or any such breach of this constitution and take appropriate action
to deal with the complaint in a timely, sensitive and fair manner.
2. The Committee has the power to take action it sees fit in response to the nature of the
concern raised.
3. Such a member will have the right to be heard by the committee to provide any
statement and be given at least 7 days notice to do so.
4. The committee has the power to expel any member whose conduct shall in their opinion
render his or her continued membership untenable if no other solution is possible.
5. Any action taken must be agreed by at least two thirds of the committee.

1. All members are entitled to the same privileges of the club and must pay, annually the
agreed amount of subscription.
2. The annual subscription due and payable in advance on 1st May, shall be of such
amount as the club from time to time decided by resolution at an Annual General Meeting
after due notice has been given. There will be a 50% reduction in membership fees for
people aged 16-21 (at the time of joining) who are in full time education.
3. Any member whose subscription remains unpaid on July 31st shall be considered as
having resigned from the club.. Members who are also in arrears with their subscriptions
will not be eligible to enter the club competitions or hold office.
4. Non members may attend any of the club meetings (except the Annual General
Meeting) for free on two occasions during any calendar year, which can be extended at the
discretion of the executive committee. Thereafter they will be required to join the club at
the appropriate fee.
5. Any new person wishing to join the club during the club year will be required to pay a
subscription equal to the cost of the remaining months of the year. Such amounts will be
determined by the Hon. Treasurer.

Data Protection
1. Hanham and Kingswood Photo Club is a data controller within the UK.
2. Members providing personal data by implication agree that data which may include
name, contact details, archive records, and such other information to facilitate
administration will be used solely as may be necessary for the effective management of
the legitimate interests of the club.
3. The club collects, holds, maintains, and reviews personal information about members
and visitors, the PAGB, and WCPF and those offering their services to the club, e.g. as
speakers and others necessary for the business of the club.
4. This information is used to facilitate administration and services. The contact details of
club officials allocated to provide particular services may be published generally.
5. The club may retain historical data and management archives until the club decides to
delete the data. Any member may request to verify the accuracy of their personal data or
to request its deletion by request to the Hon Secretary.
6. The contact data is reviewed and updated annually and is only distributed to club
committee members or members with appropriate non-committee responsibilities.
7. No club committee member or club member with non-committee responsibilities may
divulge any contact information to any person outside of the club.
8. Payment of the annual subscription confirms that the member in question accepts and
agrees to the club data protection policy.

1. There shall be at least forty meetings of the club each year, and a programme of events
will be distributed to all members by the Hon. Secretary and available on the website.
Annual General Meeting
1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the month of April, the date to be
published in the club programme. The agenda and any resolutions (duly proposed and
seconded) shall be displayed on the notice board at the club meeting room at least
fourteen days in advance of said meeting,, by email, telephone, or letter, and verbally at
the next regular meeting of the club.
2. Any matter, including change to the constitution, which a member requires to discuss at
the AGM. shall be submitted in writing to the Hon. Secretary no later than fourteen days
before the date of the AGM with a copy of said matter being posted on the notice board for
at least fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting.
3. A quorum for the AGM shall consist of at least one third of the fully paid up members
plus a quorum of the outgoing committee.
4. At the Committee’s discretion, eligible Members who are unable to attend General
Meetings may be granted a proxy vote. Members may apply to the Secretary for a proxy
vote in writing, via email, by telephone or in person.
5. In the case of an equal division of votes at any meeting, the chairman of the meeting will
have the second or casting vote.
6. The AGM shall receive from the Committee and shall be free to discuss:
The audited accounts for the financial year ending on the 30th April immediately preceding
the Meeting.
Presentation of the budget for the coming year commencing 1st May.
An annual report of the proceedings and affairs of the Society.
Reports from officers of the committee.
Statement by Chairman
7. Each committee post will be up for election, and voted in by the majority of members
present. Any members putting themselves forward for such election should be nominated
(duly proposed and seconded)
8. An accounts examiner shall also be elected at this meeting.
9. In the case of an equal division of votes at any meeting, the chairman of the meeting will
have the second or casting vote.

Extraordinary General Meeting
1. The executive committee may at any time call an extraordinary meeting of members.
Such a meeting may be called within fourteen days on request, signed by six members
and handed to the Hon. Secretary.
2. Notice of such a meeting will be communicated to every member of the club either by
email, telephone, letter, placed on the notice board, or verbally at the next regular meeting
of the club giving fourteen days notice of that meeting.

1. The management of the club will be vested in the general committee.
2. The general committee shall consist of Chairman, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary, Hon.
Competition and exhibition secretary, Hon. Programme secretary, Hon. Membership and
Publicity secretary, and other Committee members.
3. The executive committee shall have the power to resolve any matter that arises not
provided for in this constitution. Any matter which affects the constitution and requiring a
change will. however require ratification by the group at the AGM or extraordinary meeting.
4. Any committee position is not to be of a duration longer than one year. They shall be
eligible for re-election each year.
5. The executive committee shall consist of Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon Treasurer.
They shall have the authority to act in an emergency, any such action to be reported at the
next or emergency meeting of the committee.
6. Should the need arise the chairman may, with the approval of the general committee,
co-opt any member onto the committee.
7. The club may elect as President any member it wishes to so honour, and such member
will then be ex-officio of the committee. Vice Presidents may be elected at the discretion of
the members at the Annual General Meeting.
8. The formation of any sub-group within the club must first obtain approval from the
executive committee.
9. For the purpose of conducting a committee meeting and approving decisions, a quorum
will consist of 50% of the current elected committee plus one. In the case of an equal
division of votes the Chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.
10. No proceedings of the committee shall be invalidated by any vacancy in the
membership of that committee or by any defect in the qualification or election of any
member thereof.
11. There will be no less than ten committee meetings during the year.

1. The names of members present at any committee meeting shall be recorded.
2. Any member of the committee shall be entitled to require that the minutes contain a
record of the manner in which their vote was cast.
3. Minutes of all meetings (both committee and Annual General Meeting) shall be
available to all members of the club after such minutes have received the approval
of the committee.

1. The Hon. Treasurer shall keep all monies in a bank or building society account, which
shall be in the name of the club.
2. The Hon. Treasurer will produce annually, a summary of the club finances to be audited
and signed by the account examiner.
3. The financial year of the club will be from May to April.
4. The audited accounts, and a report of the financial affairs of the group shall be
presented at the Annual General Meeting.
5. An inventory of the club equipment shall be maintained with items on loan being marked
accordingly with the owners name. The inventory shall be available for inspection by
6. Any two of the following committee shall be empowered to sign cheques on behalf of the
club. Chairman, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary, excepting that no two signatures on any
cheque will be of those two members from the same household.

1. If at any Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting a resolution to wind
up the club is passed by the required number of Members present and voting together with
proxy votes, if any, the Committee shall as soon as reasonably practical act as follows:
All debts and liabilities of the club shall be fully discharged and paid.
Any remaining assets and property shall be given or transferred free of charge (save for
any costs of or associated with transportation and delivery) to such not-for-profit
organisation having objects similar to those of the club as shall be determined at either of
the above-mentioned meetings or, if such an organisation cannot be identified, then to
such other not-for-profit organisation or charity group as shall be determined by either of
the said meetings.
2. Upon completion of the disposal of the assets the club shall be dissolved.

Other Matters
1. Changes to all other rules relating to competitions, exhibitions, and anything not covered
by the constitution, to become effective shall be carried if a majority of the members voting
shall vote in favour of said alteration.
2. The general committee may decide on any minor alterations and amendments relating
to competitions, exhibitions and any other matter, after due notice of any such proposed
minor alterations or amendments has been placed on the notice board for a period of
fourteen days.

Changes to the Constitution
1. This Constitution shall not be changed without the majority of the eligible members
present and voting at a General Meeting together with proxy votes, if any.